Who am I?

I am a qualified naturopath (BHSc Nat) registered with the NHAA 

I have a special interest in mens health, with experience in supporting immune, digestive, cardiovascular and fertility concerns. I pride myself self on empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the subtle power of self healing. I aim to achieve this through the use of diet, lifestyle modifications, prescription of herbal and or nutritional medicines.

My Journey

In my early 20s I experienced a chronic respiratory infection due to exposure from mould.  After I had completed the conventional therapies I experienced many months of chronic fatigue and decided to take charge of my health. I sought help from an experienced naturopath and through the use of herbal medicine I was able to improve my low immunity and reduce the fatigue . During my recovery I decided I too wanted to help individuals, so I enrolled into the bachelor of science (Naturopathy) in Sydney. During my study I learnt how to continue to improve my quality of life through nutrition and changes to my lifestyle. 

Since graduating I have been lucky enough to assist people on their health journey in clinical practice. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, swimming and practicing yoga.