Holistic Living Summer Guide

Having studied various traditional holistic practices during my degree I like to incorporate these into my practice for my clients to follow. The holistic living guide provides baseline advice for anyone to follow during the season ahead. Summer is the long awaited time of warmer weather and family gatherings over the holiday break. Find out more about whats in season, energetic eating for summer and lifestyle tips …

Avocado, banana, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, chilli, cucumber, grape, grapefruit, honey dew, lemon, lime, lychee, nectarines, oranges, passionfruit, paw paw, peach, plum, rockmelon, tomato, watermelon

Beans, beetroot, bok/pak choy, broccoli, brown onion, butternut, celery, chard, eggplant, fennel, garlic, kale, mushroom, rhubarb, turnip and zucchini 

Energetic eating | Cooling 

According to Ayurveda summer is known as the “fire season”. Consuming water rich foods will help you “eat” your water and keep your skin glowing and brain fog at bay. Energetically speaking you can consume the following cooling foods to reduce excessive heat

  • Watermelon, tomato, papaya, mango, cucumber, rocket and lettuce

  • Cook with cooling spices - mint, coriander, parsley, dill and fennel

Stay hydrated 

  • Increase water intake 3L a day 

  • Avoid dehydration with mineral rich coconut water on hot days or post work out 

  • Enjoy alkalising green juices, aloe vera or chlorophyll 

  • Include cooling iced teas chamomile, liquorice, rosehip and peppermint 

Exercise and mindfulness 

During the warmer summer months its essential not to overstimulate the body with excessive internal heat

  • Focus on low impact outdoor exercise to make the most of the sunny days - swimming, running along the beach at dusk or early morning bush walks 

  • Yoga heat releasing asanas - happy baby, goddess, triangle or good old corpse pose

  • Bathing in essential oils such as mint, lavender, jasmine and ylang ylang can be beneficial during the warmer months