Naturopathic Philosophy 101

Naturopathy is a combination of historical philosophical ideas by Hippocrates and 19 - 20th century concepts of vitalism and holism. From a historical perspective naturopathy emphasises the responsibility of a patient in: following a healthy lifestyle, balance of work, recreation, exercise, meditation, rest, a nutritious diet, fresh air, water, adequate sunshine, experiencing healthy emotions, having quality relationships, leading an ethical life, and living in a healthy environment. These views highlight that each patient is different and naturopathic treatment should be tailored to each individual's unique factors that cause their disease.

As mentioned naturopathic principles are based on the concepts of vitalism and holism. These include:

  • The healing power of nature - Vis medicatrix naturae

  • Identify and treat the cause - Tolle causam

  • Treat the whole person - Tolle totum

  • First do no harm - Primum non nocere

  • Doctor as teacher - Docere

  • Prevention - Preventare 

For me in consult I focus on educating my clients on self care, preventive medicine and empowering them to optimise their vitality and wellbeing. In doing this I find they are more in tune with unique factors which may affect their vitality.