Why eat organic? (and how to afford it)

Organic produce is grown in the most natural environment possible today. This process utilises crop rotation, companion planting and seasonal timing to provide chemical free and nutrient dense produce that tastes a lot better. 

Unlike conventional farming which uses pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, ionising radiation, GMO, growth enhancing drugs such as steroids to enhance yields all year round (depleting the soil of the same minerals and in animals increasing the requirement for antibiotic use).

What are the benefits of eating organic ?

  • Reduced chemical exposure and heavy metals to the consumer 

  • Greater nutrient density (Up to 40% in some vegetables and 80% in milk)

  • Supporting small business 

  • Sustainable and supports the native ecosystem 

  • Improved soil quality 

  • Slows antibiotic resistance 

How to afford organic?

As we are all aware organic and chemical free produce Is often more expensive. A few hot tips can help reduce the cost of eating organic. 

  • Head to a local farmers market to find affordable chemical free produce 

  • Sydney I highly recommend CarriageWorks & King Cross (Sat) & Marrickville (Sun)

  • Buy seasonal produce as its the most cost effective and nutrient dense time 

  • Join and organic Co-Op local neighbours share the cost in getting organic fruit & veg boxes

  • Buy in bulk, I often buy larger then required amounts of spinach and freeze to add to smoothies, curries and stews 

  • Supermarket organic home brands eg Organic tinned lentils are often on par with imported ones (without the BPA!)

  • Look in the reduced section near checkout as you can often get a bargain on organic meat needed to cook for dinner that night 

  • Plan ahead check whats in season and get a few recipes ingredients together so you dont overspend 

  • Cook from scratch especially when buying organic meats, using your own herbs and spices vs remade with often save a few dollars

  • Grow your own! its easy to grow organic spices at home on the balcony or windowsill - coriander, rosemary and mint are a few of my faves